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Current Aircheck:

Kristen Lawrence_Aircheck_Sept 2022
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Older Aircheck:

Lawrence, Kristen_Air Check
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Current Résumé:

Audio Work:

Tina Barletta-Changing Market 30 (COM781
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Ben's Towing-Fall is Here!! (COM7899)
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Strickly Auto and Truck Repair-Car Won't Stop! (COM7916)
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These are examples of ads I have edited/produced during my time at WKJO-FM

These audio pieces are part of a project done for a production class, the shorter version of which made it as an "App Comment" on 90.5 WASU-FM. 

Video Work (Editing) :

The final draft of an original TV pilot script written by myself. 

A sample television ad written by myself for a class

Rough Cut/Commentary

(Commentary starts ~ 1:00 in)

A game review of the Resident Evil 3 Remake that I did for AppTV's Pixel Peak. Footage is a screen-recording of my gameplay that I cut together. Commentary and opinions are my own. 

Work with Pixel Peak:

This is a typical episode of Pixel Peak in my experience as a host. Pixel Peak is an AppTV show that I was on-board as a host from the first season. The show concentrates on video game news and nerd culture.

This is the first live episode Pixel Peak ever did and is a reflection of my ability under the pressure of live broadcasting.

This is an earlier episode of Pixel Peak, when we were still doing the long editorial section. In this episode I do the news, analyst and editorial sections for variety.


Quick 9/11 tribute I put together with some clips a coworker shot (unfortunately in different orientations) 

Early Video Work

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